Advent in Varaždin

Die Adventszeit in Varaždin, romantisch, intim, reich an festtäglichen Düften, Geschmacksrichtungen und der märchenhaften Stimmung des historischen Stadtkerns. Das reiche Musik-, Kultur und Unterhaltungsprogramm, ein prunkvolles und innovatives gastronomisches Angebot sowie zahlreiche Inhalte für jedes Lebensalter und Geschmacksrichtungen machen die Festtagszeit noch freudiger und interessanter und Varaždin noch leuchtender.

Festival svjetla Zagreb

Enlighten. Brighten. Light up. Amaze! Incandescence. Luminescence. Illusion. Confusion! Light art is a new discipline that has escaped the confines of museum walls, its artists using as their canvas the city, its buildings, its monuments, the night sky itself. Part art, part design, architecture and entertainment spectacle, the festival both brings you something beautiful to look at and something to make you see your world differently. Festivals of Light are bringing an exciting new dimension to ever more cities around the world, enrobing their famous monuments in vivid hues or using them as an integral part of creative works.


What a great way to round up your summer! This unique project will turn your city stroll into an artistic exploration of Zagreb. Interventions by artists will focus on the beauty and potential of forgotten public spaces, and transform the city into a unique outdoor gallery

Cest is d' Best

Cest is d’Best is the oldest and biggest street festival in Croatia and has taken place in Zagreb since 1997. Over the years it has also become an important international event bringing joy and life to Zagreb streets and squares. It promotes and creates street cultural expression, bonding all generations through its music and street performances.

Fischerabende in Davor

/*-->*/ Fischerabende in August - sie finden in Davor statt, an dem Ort wo der bosnische Fluß Vrbas sein Reichtum an Wasser und Fisch dem Fluß Sava übergibt. Die Fischerabende sind voller Freude, guter Atmosphäre und Geselligkeit in Erinnerung an die Tradition dieses Posavina-Ortes.


Foodballerka found its home in the green oasis of Tuškanac When you step into our green heaven, everything is possible. Foodballerka is a place in Zagreb to be during the football fever from June 11 to July 12. This year, this famous Festival found its home on the old Cibona basketball court located in Tuškanac. As an oasis of good music and vibes, twenty DJs, and many bands will lift your spirits up. And when outdoors, one can get hungry. But don’t worry, this is a heaven of good food as well. Have a go with burgers by Institut za burgere by Mate Janković, Indian flavours by Namaste, El Toro with their proven recipes, or Chef kuha doma, Asian Garden by Marko Palfi, as well as brilliant desserts by Le Kolač and their virtuoso Robert Hromalić. And when Croatian football team is playing, Grill&Chill by Lidl will be a flavourful reinforcement offering delicious barbecue specialties. On Wednesdays you can participate on our event Wine&DJ’s - introducing wine experts who are also DJ’s. And if you are in the mood to touch the sky, find yourself a rooftop and secure the best view of the big screen during the football games of Croatian football team. Gingle Bells and Fooodballerka bar, along with the Cocktail bar by A Most Unusual Garden, will be there for you with unbelievably good cocktails and other drinks. For pop-up moments, visit House of Kiwi, a flea market by August XVI and Dorica 505 and dance through time with Nicolas & Ksenija from the Dance centre Zagreb by Nicolas. Make a memorable selfie while immersed in joy and laughter that will fill the venue. Cheer the Croatian football team and enjoy yourself at Foodballerka.   Work hours of the Festival: Workdays: 16:00 – 24:00 hrs.  Weekends: 12:00 – 24:00 hrs.
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