Veranstaltungen in Kroatien


V. European Congress of pastry and confectionery.


The 8th Zoom Performance Art Festival will present the perennially intriguing live art scene of Great Britain from 3 to 8 October at the Filodrammatica. The cult British cabaret diva Ursula Martinez will be performing her globally acclaimed stand-up character comedy routine “My Story, Your E-mails”, while Marisa Carnesky is coming to Rijeka with a group of performers to perform “Dr. Carnesky’s Incredible Bleeding Women”. The legendary London performance artist David Hoyle will introduce himself with his latest cabaret – as will the multidisciplinary artist and “artivist” Shabnam Shabazi by performing “Snail Portrait”, for the purpose of which Filodrammatica will temporarily house 300 or so snails. The festival programme will also be supplemented with a performance of “Mephisto” and closed with “Atlas of Tremors”, which was created as part of the international Corners project. 


Unwind in northwestern Istria from 1 October to 5 November with the wide selection of seasonal wellness menus available at Istria Relax Days. Fill the warm autumn days with relaxing massages and tempting treatments at promotional prices at istrian wellness centres. After a long, hot summer, your skin is in dire need of rejuvenation and your body longs to relax. Restore your skin’s glow and regenerate your mind and body with gentle rituals. Feel the healing touch of Istria at luxurious spa centres!

Crikvenica 4 Pets

„Crikvenica 4 Pets“ - viel Spaß und Unterhaltung für jedermann im Zentrum von Crikvenica. Haustiere spielen dabei die Hauptrolle, aber auch ihre besten Freunde werden sich köstlich amüsieren. Das Erkennungszeichen wird ein fröhliches Schwanzwedeln sein.
Ihre Teilnahme an den Veranstaltungen - Karneval der Haustiere und Besitzer, Haustierausstellung und Vau & Bike-Marathon können Sie online unter dem oder im Info Zentrum Crikvenica anmelden, mindestens eine Stunde vor der Veranstaltung.

Dani Jelačića

Jelačić Days is a traditional event in Zaprešić that is held three times per year, to commemorate the birth (October) and death (May) of Ban Josip Jelačić, and on the feast day of St. Joseph (March). Josip Jelačić was a Croatian Ban (viceroy) who symbolised the aspirations of the Croatian peoples for independence from imperial conquerors. After a tumultuous life spent battling for the Croatian interests, he was buried in the Chapel of St. Joseph in Zaprešić in 1859. Therefore, on the Town Day, the people of Zaprešić celebrate the life and work of this great historical figure. The event includes a series of activities, including the Jelačić Ball, equestrian jumping tournament, scooter rally, bicycle rally, International Commercial Fair, and others. Visitors can also see the Jelačić Novi Dvori complex, a valuable example of preserved cultural and historical heritage.

photo Igor Turčinov

The mission of Latin sail days is affirmation of original values and education of young generation in a special way of life. Latin sail days are organized thru the whole mounth of September, there are different educational workshops, cultural evenings, occasional lectures, concerts going on. Latin sails days end with Latin sail regata, which will be organized on September 24th this year.


Be a part of historical story of Ancient Rome, at Roman Cistern in Velika Mrdakovica, at the foot of the Croatian Mycenae. Find out, under the expert guidance of curator of antique collection of the Šibenik City Museum, who were the people who once lived in this area and how they lived. Visit the fair of various goods that were valued in ancient times as well. Feel the spirit of antiquity, taste the food and wine prepared according to recipes of Ancient Rome, let the dance and music spectacl, and theatrical performance take you back through history! Organized free bus transport from Central Bus Station in Vodice to arceological site starting at 17:30 h until the end of program.

Varoška Fešta_photo_Neno_Marčev

Varoška fešta održava se tradicionalno u mjesecu rujnu, po svršetku glavne turističke sezone u organizaciji Turističke zajednice grada Zadra. Ove godine održat će se u petak, dana 22. rujna uz tradicionalno dobru spizu zadarskih ugostitelja i nastupe dalmatinskih klapa. Na glavnoj pozornici u nastupit će splitska klapa Iskon, a drugim ulicama i uličicama zadarske Varoši dobru atmosferu do 3 sata ujutro će održavati klape Bepo, David i Kantaduri, kao i Zadarski kantuni.

The battle of Makarska

The battle near Makarska  - 18. September 887.  On this day in the year 887 AD, at the foot of Biokovo Mountain near Makarska, in the battle called 'MUCULES', the pirates of Neretva inflicted a catastrophic defeat on the Venetians who were led by the Doge Petar Kandijan. After this battle, the Venetian Repulic was forced to pay tribute in gold to the Croatian rulers so their ships could sail and trade in peace. To commemorate this important battle, the modern state of Croatia celebrates annually the 18th September as 'Croatian Navy Day'.

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